Custom Outdoor Covers

Get the perfect fit

With a custom cover, you can’t go wrong. Each item we cover is unique, so we use measurements to create made-to-order covers.



What We Sew

Outdoor Covers

To create covers for outdoor furniture, generators, and grills, we just need a few measurements from you. Visit our forms to gather the right information, then give us a call for a free quote!

Custom Boat Covers

We can fit any boat with a high-quality marine fabric boat cover with vents for proper circulation and reinforced stress points. Call to schedule a time to bring your boat in to be measured and covered.

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Area Enclosures

Our clear window or screened-in enclosures for porches or pavilions add extra protection from wind, sun, precipitation, and insects. Call for more information.

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Utility Cab Enclosures

We customize and create strong, soft-sided cab enclosures with windows and doors to meet each client's expectations. Call us to schedule this service.

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